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With 8 global offices, HubSpot is very focused on growing our reach and scaling our efforts while ensuring our global employees stay connected to each other. We've found that when our global teams collaborate, share ideas and observations, we are better equipped to help our customers grow their businesses. 

As a company, we prioritize brining all of our global employees to our Headquarters in Cambridge for 1-2 weeks of onboarding so as to ensure a consistent, cohesive and global experience. We know that international travel can be exhausting but we promise the ability to see HubSpot's HQ and to learn and grow with a community of Global peers will be worth the effort and the jet lag.

Traveling to Cambridge.

Our Global Travel Coordinator will reach out to you 3-4 weeks before your trip to begin arranging your travel. HubSpot will book and pay for your airline ticket and one checked bag and will do our best to accommodate any requests you have. For those traveling on long haul flights (7+ consecutive hours), there is the option for premium economy subject to price and availability. There are various methods of transportation to/from the airport. Please feel free to take a taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc. to and from the hotel. These rides are reimbursable, so please keep your receipts.
All those attending New Hire Training will stay at the Residence Inn in Kendall Square. This hotel provides large spacious rooms with a kitchenettes that are very comfortable for longer stays. Kendall Square is a bustling neighborhood that offers a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and is a short walk away from the office. 
US Customs & Border Protection
If you are coming from one of our international offices you will likely need an ESTA or B1 Visa to enter the country. If you do not know if you qualify for ESTA, take a look at the US Customs and Border Protection website to see what countries participate in this program.  Before leaving for Boston you will need to register with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. There will be a fee to complete your registration. Please keep a copy of your receipt to be submitted through HubSpot's expense reimbursement process via Concur.  If you do need a B1 Visa, contact our Global Travel Coordinator, Kathryn Ahern.
Breakfast is included with your hotel reservation and is not reimbursable. On days where lunch and dinner are not provided you may submit for reimbursement. When you start you will be trained on how to fill out an expense report. The turn around once submitted is 3-5 business days. The Cambridge office also has a large kitchen where you can get snacks throughout the day. The daily allowance for expenses will be capped at $75 USD and anything over this amount will not be reimbursed.


Am I eligible for Travel Insurance?

Any full-time new hire trainees traveling prior to their start date are covered under Cigna's Medical Benefits Abroad program. This covers unexpected injuries and illnesses that may occur while traveling on an international business trip.

Click here to download the steps to activate your insurance.

Prior to travel, print a copy of Cigna's Medical Benefits Abroad ID Card.

If you have any questions, email

When will I receive my training schedule?
Your calendar will be up-to-date on Orientation Day. We send invitation for Orientation Day, Foundations and Role-Specific Training the Friday before your start date
What if my flight is delayed/cancelled?
Email: . This email is monitored by HubSpotters from various global offices.  If you run into any difficulties during your travels please reach out to us and someone will be able to assist you. Likewise, you can reach out to our travel agency if you need their assistance.
What if I miss my flight due to layover?
If you are concerned about the length of your layover please be aware that airline will only allow you to book flight if they feel confident you are able to make the connections. As a general rule, try to allow for 2 hours for a layover especially when going through customs.

A Guide to Boston


We are so excited to have you join us in our Cambridge office for Orientation and New Hire Training. We hope you enjoy your time here and we want you to make the most of it! Here are few recommendations of things to do in Boston along with a great list of HubSpotter approved bars and restaurants.

Where to Eat

Where to Grab a Drink